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Wadi Abyad


Wadi Al-Abyad or Wadi Al Ubayyid. Its name means the white wadi in Arabic language, Second-longest wadi in Iraq (after Wadi Hauran) extends in the west of Iraq within Al Anbar Governorate and Karbala Governorate. It runs for roughly 250 kilometers (160 mi), from Iraqi-Saudi border (near Arar) in Al Anbar Governorate till Lake Razazah in the west of Karbala Governorate.It is 1 kilometer (0.62 mi) wide,40 and 50 meters (130 and 160 ft) deep. Often term of Wadi Al-abyad referred to a large area including Wadi Al-abyad itself, its tributaries, and surroundings.Wadi Al-abyad is a dry place in spite of oasis called Ghadir Abu Muraji located in central part of the valley within Al Anbar Governorate in addition to some seasonal pools spread in the Wadi during rainy season. Pools and grass provides good grasslands for nomads and their livestock. In some rainy years, Wadi Al-abyad is filled with rain water which flow into the Lake Razazah.

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