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About Muscat

Muscat, Oman’s port capital, sits on the Gulf of Oman surrounded by mountains and desert. With history dating back to antiquity, it mixes high-rises and upscale shopping malls with clifftop landmarks such as the 16th-century Portuguese forts, Al Jalali and Mirani, looming over Muscat Harbor. Its modern, marble-clad Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, with 50m dome and prodigious Persian carpet, can accommodate 20,000 people.


Al Bustan Palace Hotel (Hotel)

Al Bustān is a village in Muscat, in northeastern Oman.... read more

Shangri-La Resort (Resort)

Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa is a 124-acre (50 ha) three-hotel resort in Muscat, Oman op... read more

Ras Al Jinz (Resort)

Where you can see Oman`s great sea turtles on the beach nest and lay eggs, you have Possibilities t... read more


Batinah (Region)

Al Bāţinah was one of the regions (mintaqah) of Oman. On 28 October 2011, Al Batinah Region was sp... read more


Fins Beach (Beach)

Fins Beach” it is too long and it has beautiful white sand.... read more

Ras al Hadd (Beach)

Ras Al Had is a village in Ash Sharqiyah district in Oman.... read more

Mirani (Fort)

In the 1552 Capture of Muscat, an Ottoman force consisted of 4 gallons, 25 galleys, and 850 troops a... read more

Jalali (Fort)

Al Jalali Fort, or Ash Sharqiya Fort, is a fort in the harbor of Old Muscat, Oman. The Fort was buil... read more

Nizwa Fort (Fort)

the most interesting are the Friday Cattle where the locals from the nearby Villages come to sell th... read more

Bahla Fort (Fort)

Bahla Fort (‎‎ Qal'at Bahla') is one of four historic fortresses situated at the foot of the Dje... read more

Al Hazm Fort (Fort)

The Hazm Fort is an outstanding example of Omani Islamic architecture and was built in 1711 AD. The ... read more

Muttrah Port (Harbour)

It is still a center of commerce as one of the largest sea ports in the region is located there. Oth... read more

Bawshar (Historic Building)

Bawshar is one of the wilayat of Muscat, in northeastern Oman. The province borders wilayat Muttrah ... read more

Muttrah Souq (Al Dhalam) (Market)

Sat-Thu: 8 AM to 1 PM and 5 to 9 PM
Fri: 5 to 9 PM

Al Dhalam... read more

Nizwa Souq (Market)

Nizwa Souk ,the most Famous Souk among Local Omani Souks .there you can find fish, meat, vegetables... read more

Fish Souk (Market)

Fish Souk Where Omani buy their Fish-Fresh catch of the day .just opposite to the Fish Souk is the V... read more

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (Mosque)

In 1992 Sultan Qaboos directed that his country of Oman should have a Grand Mosque. A competition fo... read more

Al Zubair Museum (Museum)

Bait Al Zubair is a museum, located near the Ministry of Information on Al Saidiya Street, Old Musca... read more

Bait Al-Jabal Museum (Museum)

The first museum in Oman presenting antiques and masterpieces in their traditional setting. Local Om... read more

Al Alam Palace (Palace)

The Al Alam Palace is the ceremonial palace of Sultan Qaboos of Oman located in Old Muscat, more

Al Amirat (Park)

Al Amirat is a city in Muscat, in northeastern Oman.
Al Amarat is the fourth most populated c... read more

Al Seeb (Waterfront)

Al-Seeb, As Seeb or As Sib (Arabic: السيب‎‎) is a coastal fishing city, located several kil... read more

Qurayyat (Waterfront)

Qurayyat is a small fishing village 83km southeast of Muscat, Oman, adjacent to the towns of Sur, Di... read more

Ain Al Kasfa (Waterfront)

Its waters run at 45 °C and are regarded as a cure for rheumatism and skin diseases due to its sulf... read more

Barka (Waterfront)

Barka is a coastal city in the region Al Bāţinah, in northern Oman.
The town is emerging as... read more

Bandar Jissah (Waterfront)

Bandar Jissah is a coastal town in northeastern Oman. Bandar Jissah was the center of a Cause célè... read more

Muqal Cave (Cave)

Muqal Cave is located in Wadi Bani Khalid in the A'Sharqiyah North Governorate, near the famous wate... read more

Wadi Shab Cave (Cave)

The beautiful Bimah sinkhole (swimming is possible here) head to the magnificent long white Fins Bea... read more

Bimmah Sinkhole (Sinkhole)

Bimmah Sinkhole is a water-filled depression, structurally a sinkhole, in the limestone of eastern M... read more

Wadi Nakhr (Wadi)

Wadi Nakhr (also known as the Grand Canyon of the Middle-East).
The area is only reachable af... read more

Wadi Ghul (Wadi)

Ghul or Wadi Ghul is an abandoned village, located to the northwest of Al Hamra in Oman. The area is... read more

Wadi Bani Khaled (Wadi)

Wadi Bani Khalid is a wadi about 203 km from Muscat, Oman. It is the best-known wadi of the Sharqiya... read more

Wadi Bani Habib (Wadi)

Wadi Habib is a wonderful place to explore.especially if you are curious and looking for something n... read more

Wadi Shab (Wadi)

Wadi Shab is one of the magnificent wadis of Oman that Oman is popular for. The wadi is in Al Sharqy... read more

Wadi Tiwi (Wadi)

Wadi Tiwi is a narrow deep gorge as well as wadi Shab. wadi tiwi extends about 36 km ,Midam is the s... read more

Wadi Terns (Wadi)

he Wadi Terns to Number of Pools where the visitor can swim .it also offers a nice trekking and adve... read more

Wadi Abyad (Wadi)

Wadi Al-Abyad or Wadi Al Ubayyid. Its name means the white wadi in Arabic language, Second-longest w... read more

Wadi Bani Awf (Wadi)

Wadi Bani Awf (also Wadi Bani Auf) is a wadi (gorge) in the Ad Dakhiliyah Region of Oman. all Al-Auf... read more

Wadi Al Sahtan (Wadi)

Wadi Sahtan there was a major road construction blocking the road and I had to follow the road to Ib... read more

Wahiba Sands (Desert)

The Sharqiya Sands (formerly known as the Wahiba Sands, or Ramlat al-Wahiba) is a region of desert i... read more

Al Qabil (Desert)

Al Qabil is a village in Al Buraimi Governorate (formerly Ad Dhahirah Region), in northeastern Oman.... read more

Castle of Jabreen (Castle)

A short distance beyond Bahla lies the Castle of Jabreen, a massive three-story structure built duri... read more

Al Ain (Oasis)

Al-Ain (literally The Spring), also known as the Garden City due to its greenery, is the largest inl... read more

Al Thowarah (Oasis)

Al Thowarah" where you can witness the source of the natural springs... read more

Al Hajar Mountains (Mountain)

The Al Hajar Mountains (Arabic: جبال الحجر‎‎, stone mountains) in northeastern Oman and... read more

Billad Sayt (Mountain)

Bilad Sayt is a mountain village in Oman.The village is located on the NE slope of the Al Hajar Moun... read more

Jebal Shams (Mountain)

(Mountain of sun) is a mountain located in northeastern Oman north of Al Hamra town It is the highes... read more

Jabal Akhdar (Mountain)

The Jebel Akhtar, Jabal Akhdar or Al Jabal Al Akhdar, is part of the Al Hajar Mountains range in Ad ... read more

Izki Town (Old Town)

Izki (Arabic: إزكي‎‎) is a town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman.
It... read more

Al Hamra (Old Town)

Al Hamra is a 400-year-old town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman. As a province (wi... read more

Nizwa Town (Old Town)

One of the Oman Tourist attractions) - the ancient Capital of Oman for a short walk. the most famous... read more

Bahla Town (Old Town)

Bahla is a UNESCO World Heritage Site[1] town, located 40 km away from Nizwa, and about 200 km from ... read more

Sur (Old Town)

Sur is a capital city of Ash Sharqiyah Region, northeastern Oman, on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. ... read more

Jabrin (Old Town)

Jabrin is a small town in Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate in northeastern Oman.
The town is known f... read more

Birkat Al Muz (Village)

Birkat Al Muz (About 40 Minutes Driving) it lies at the Foot OF Jebal Akhdar, its famous for its rui... read more

Misfath al Arbien (Village)

Misfath al Arbien another, a unique mountain village at the foothill of the mountain surrounding al ... read more

Nakhl (Village)

Nakhal Oman is a typical Omani village. It lies at the foothills of the mountains near an abundant s... read more

Rustaq (Village)

the large Village which is located to the south of Batinah Coast line.Rustaq was once the Capital of... read more

Haramel (Village)

Fishermen village nestled between Sidab and Bustan, a small beautiful village.... read more

Sidab (Village)

Sidab is a village in Muscat, in northeastern Oman.... read more

Qantab Village (Village)

Qantab is a village in Muscat, in northeastern Oman.The Qantab beach located here is a popular touri... read more

Yiti Village (Village)

Yiti is a village in Muscat, in northeastern Oman... read more

Al Bustan Village (Village)

Al-Bustan Village is a vibrant new gated neighborhood, residents are surrounded by world-class servi... read more

Misfat Al Abrien (Village)

Misfat Al Abriyeen is a unique mountainous village located 1,000 m above sea level on the mountain f... read more

Birkat Al-Mawz (Village)

Birkat Al-Mawz is a village in the Ad Dakhiliyah Region of Oman. It is located at the entrance of Wa... read more


Fanjah Club (Club)

Fanja Sports Club (Arabic: نادي فنجاء الرياضي‎‎; also known locally as Al-Malik,... read more


The Modern Shopping Complex (Shopping Centre)

Where you can Buy Souvenirs to your friends and Family... read more