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Oman is Beauty of Arabian Peninsula

Weather in Oman…, if you are interested in the serenity and amazement of the spectacular landscapes, you must add Oman to your visit list, The location of the sultanate Oman which makes it one of the most attractive places in the world, Oman is an ideal country to visit, It has some impressive natural beauty, historical buildings and modern dynamics that provide a perfectly blended travel experience, It has very well developed infrastructure, minimal disruptions.

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When it comes to the country’s weather, Oman is often divided into two regions north and south to account for two very different climates. Our wide variety of excursion options available to explore, Oman tourism will surely offer you the outstanding blend of modern and ancient Omani memories Mid October to mid-March, when the weather is pleasantly warm, the mountain scenery clear and the rains light, is the best time to visit the more crowd-drawing north.

Throughout the remainder of the year, you will learn more about the history, culture, the must try, the heat and humidity can be really quite oppressive – particularly along the coast. This being said. southern Oman receives some respite during the Autumn Season (the monsoon that lasts from mid-May to mid-August) that transforms Dhofar (the local name for the south) into a stunning plot of greenery. So, start exploring about us and book one of the tours choices today to travel around Oman on the upcoming summer holidays.

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